Restoran ZK @ Kampung Attap, KL

Restoran ZK

No 76, Jalan Kampung Attap,
50460 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03-2273 9786

This restoran was introduce to me by my colleague few months ago. They claimed that the curry head is damn nice and is huge in size. I am so curious and finally I come to here "Restoran ZK" which is famous for the curry fish head and the deep fried chicken.

The fish head is definitely huge but the taste is not up to my expectation. The curry is nice and delicious. Just only the fish head doesn't taste good. I think is because the curry is not cook together with the fish (i'm just guessing). Well, the fried chicken is great... From far, u can smell the fragrance of the deep fried chicken.

This could be the mother of all fish head curry in the whole of Kuala Lumpur. From a humble shed, ZK has invaded and took control of the shop (corner) nearby and business is still ever good. It’s getting expensive each time you patronize the place. This Fish Head Curry itself costs RM65.00. A red snapper. Rice is the most best drive in KL. Price was not bad, a new fried chicken dish RM4.50. Cheapest fish head curry RM40.00, RM80.00 most expensive in.

I enjoyed this simple sliced onion & green chilli with dark soya sauce and a squeeze of lime in it. It’s really tasty.

A plate of good protein which is a mere stir fried taugeh (bean sprout).
Mutton Curry is also good and available.
GPS location : 3 8’ 31” N, 101 41’ 43” E.
Curry Fish Head
Deep Fried Chicken
Taugeh (Bean Sprout)
Mixed Green Chilly and Onion with Black Sauce

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