Nasi Kandar Line Clear on Penang Road

Call it Nasi Kandar many would swallow saliva remind delicious food that is synonymous with the people of this country.

Rice is often associated with Indian Muslim restaurant owner or 'mamak' who is a connoisseur cook nasi kandar up menu also popular among tourists. 

Savory and fragrant Nasi Briyani.
Nasi Kandar Line Clear right on the busy Penang Road has been around for more than forty-five years and is one of the famous Nasi Kandar stall in Malaysia. This place is usually very busy and packed with office workers and tourist alike.

Nasi Kandar Line Clear is located in a narrow alley.

My last visit at Line Clear was during the meet-up with blogger Wilson & wife Rachel who was in Penang with other MAS Bloggers on the Makan Penang Trip.

Straight right into the great meal!

First things first, when you arrive at Line Clear, be prepared to line up and wait if you want to eat. The waiting time depends on the queue. Those lining up at the end of the long queue will have to stand under the hot sun but the movement is relatively fast.

The interesting part of waiting is that I got to watch the food being cooked. The aroma of the pungent curries really had my tummy growling.
Pot of chicken curry & lady finger.
The ever popular prawn curry, yummy!

Besides the curries which are rich in spices flavor, this place offers many delicious dishes to go along with the white rice or the savory and fragrant Nasi Briyani. Just as good are also the curry prawn, fried chicken, fish, squid’s egg and beef. They can be ordered as individual dishes or set on top of the plate of rice. The prices are charged according to your selection. Do take note of what you are ordering.
The Nasi Briyani flavored with many spices is a popular item.
Most customers like to have their rice topped with a mixture (campur) of  the palatable curries and gravies. If you do not fancy having the rice flooded with the gravies, do let them know ahead. This plate of rice with a huge fried chicken drumstick, fish, squid’s egg, fried egg and a small portion of rice cost RM11. Indeed a plate of yummy nasi.

Nasi Briyani with seafood…just awesome!
Nasi Briyani with meaty choices of fried chicken and beef rendang.
The spicy meal was cooled down with glasses of cool sirap limau (lime juice), ais kosong (ice cold water) and sirap ros (rose syrup). This is a food outlet on the island not to be missed! Click here for the Map Location.

24 employees of the restaurant comprises among relatives Zainul Halam. The restaurant is open 24 hours per day.

Nasi Kandar Line Clear
Behind 177 Penang Road, Penang.
Tel : 04-2614440
Business Hour : 24 Hours

Closed every one fortnight on Tuesday and from 1pm – 2 pm for Friday prayers.

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