Restoran Tanjung Nelayan, Pendas, Gelang Patah, Johor

We decided to go to this seafood restaurant for our late lunch that day. Fad used to stay at Kg. Ladang which is just few KMs away from here. We had white rice with 3 dishes: sotong goreng tepung (fried squids), udang masak sambal (chillied prawns) and sayur campur (fried mixed vege), and I ordered Nasi goreng tanjung nelayan. I must say that the sotong goreng tepung is the best I have had so far as compared to all other seafood or tomyam restaurants.

Being a seafood lover, this place has always been on top of my list. The food tastes great, the prices are affordable and lower than others I had been to, and the views here are just excellent. For the past 4 years of working here in Gelang Patah, I lost count of how many times I had been here, either with friends or family or relatives.
Asam Pedas Ikan Sembilang
Special Menu, Crab Tomyam
It can be quite busy during weekend evenings and public holidays, sometimes with Singaporean families. The fishes, squids, prawns and other sea products are very fresh, as most of the people in the surrounding villages are fishermen. The restaurant is situated just next to Pendas Jetty (some say it is Kg. Ladang Jetty). Just follow the signboard to Pendas, and you will find the signboard to Pendas, and you will find this restaurant on your left at the end of the road (end of the road is the jetty itself).

The menu is extensive, but the followings are what I usually have, and highly recommended:

Fish dishes:
  • Ikan siakap stim sos nyonya (nyonya sauce steamed fish)
  • ikan siakap stim halia (ginger steamed fish)
  • ikan siakap goreng 3 rasa / masam manis (sweet and sour fried fish)
Prawn dishes:
  • Udang masak sambal (chillied prawns)
  • udang goreng mentega (buttered prawns)
Squid dishes:
  • Sotong goreng tepung (fried squids)
  • sotong masak sambal (chillied squids)
Beef dishes:
  • Daging goreng kunyit (tumeric fried beef)
Chicken dishes:
  • Ayam goreng kunyit (tumeric fried chicken pieces)
  • ayam masak sambal / berlada (chillied chicken pieces)
Vege dishes:
  • Kailan goreng ikan masin (fried kailan with salted fish)
  • sayur campur (mixed fried vege)
  • kangkung goreng belacan (fried water spinach with shrimp paste)
  • Tomyam ayam (chicken)
  • tomyam daging (beef)
  • tomyam seafood
  • tomyam campur (mixed of chicken, beef, seafood)
Fried rice:
  • Nasi goreng tanjung nelayan
  • nasi goreng USA
  • nasi goreng kampung

If you are planning to bring a large number of people here, I would suggest that you call in at least an hour before your arrival to book, and order the main dishes first. The number to call is:

Tel : 07-5073414

One word of advice though: As the journey from JB is quite far (up to an hour depending on how fast you drive), you will feel hungry on your way there. Upon your arrival, you will be able to finish all the food in less than an hour. Then you will feel sleepy all the way back to JB (the backseat passengers may have been dozed off within 5 minutes of leaving the restaurant), and you will feel hungry again by the time you reach Jalan Skudai.

Restaurants Address is:
Restoran Tanjung Nelayan
No. 36, End Road Off Tanjung Kupang
Kampung Ledang
Gelang Patah, Johor

Hahahahaha... that was what usually happened to me and whoever I brought every time I went there.

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